Africa’s Fastest Growing Industry Sectors

Africa’s Fastest Growing
Industry Sectors

Africa is fast becoming one of the most respected continents due to its growing economies and sectors. Countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Angola and South Africa are experiencing a large growth in their economies due to working industries and growing sectors.

African infrastructure development is on the rise, and we have witnessed many innovative ground-breaking projects, being undertaken over the course of the last decade. African nations with public and private support, are collaborating with global investors on numerous domestic opportunities in multiple areas like roads, mining, airports, telecommunications, construction, rail, and water.

Africa’s Agriculture sector continues to support Food and beverage processing activity around the globe. 

Now, technological advances are transforming the way agriculture companies do business and the benefits from continuous fresh supply is being seen throughout the supply chain.

With new customer focused business models, more citizens throughout Africa are set to access mobile internet banking.

Today’s banking is very different from the traditional models of yesterday, with banks facing

  • Changing & Increased Consumer Expectations
  • Emerging & Faster Technologies
  • Emerging Digital Currencies
  • Easy Access Investment Portals

Africa’s banking sector if prepared with the correct strategies can maximize the opportunities of next-generation digital banking.

A vast number of nations worldwide depend on oil and gas from Africa.  Angola and Nigeria, are currently Africa’s major oil and gas countries. Money made as a country is pumped back to the system to fund other expenditure.

The oil and gas industry is rapidly changing in the current economic climate.

Oil companies are crucial to the global economy, providing fuels for transportation and power, as well as the core ingredients used to make products, that we rely on every day.

The multi-dimensional nature of the tourism sector, combined with changing consumer behaviours and expectations, will see new opportunities present themselves for investors interested in the tourism sector.

The relationship between population and housing leads to demand for housing.

Population growth, and particularly a growth in the number of households, leads to a growth in housing demand.

It is clear that being digitally literate will be a massive advantage when it comes to advancing digital economies.

Coding is not only offers an excellent career choice but coding will contribute to the growth of communities and digital infrastructure throughout Africa.

Broadband and mobile telecommunications (telecoms) networks throughout Africa are rolled out by private companies, often referred to as “operators”.

Ensuing the wide availability of high-speed broadband and mobile infrastructure is a central part of Africa’s “levelling up” agenda.