About Us

A Clear Path Into Africa is a Ghanaian registered company which is focused on the local and African market.

Our main activity is to support development in the West African region and Africa as a whole. We pride ourselves to be a credible, efficient, socially inclusive and effective Ghanaian organisation.

Helping you to Access Africa

A Clear Path Into Africa (ACPIA) helps overseas companies locate and grow in Africa.  We also help African businesses export and grow into Global markets.  Our services are provided in multiple market sectors throughout the continent of Africa.

Our services are based around the globe for your strategic advantage and delivered by our credible team of experienced professionals.

Our Team

  • Finance and Admin team based in the financial capital of London – (United Kingdom) 
  • Ground Staff based in Ghana – Accra (West Africa)
  • Ground Staff based in Nigeria – Lagos – (West Africa) 
  • Ground Staff based in Ethiopia – (East Africa)

We are passionate about what we do and employ ghost customers to ensure our services are in line with our ethos.  We value all customer feedback and constantly review our services based on surveys and questionnaires.

Credible contacts for you to utilise and benefit from

Read more about the help (ACPIA) can give to businesses considering setting-up in Africa.

Our credible network of global contacts based in Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates throughout Africa, assists and help’s, overseas companies to conduct thorough due diligence, to assess any interests, they may have – prior to any capital investment.

This international network:

  • Identifies Market Opportunities
  • Assists In Due Diligence Process
  • Provides Advice on Setting Up in African Territories (Covering Tax, Employment, Marketing, Visas, Security)
  • Identifies Ideal Events and Networking Opportunities with Global, Regional And Local Suppliers

We also provide specialist help for entities moving staff teams to Africa for the first time, and ongoing support to help companies grow their business after getting up and running.

Get to know your market peers

For businesses looking to further expand their knowledge, network or increase their visibility to African markets we can provide a link between investors and experienced African businesses in their chosen area of operation.

By matching investors early with market peers we hope investors can strike relationships whilst gaining access to vital support and crucial market experience during and beyond the start-up phase.

It will also help encourage and unearth untapped JV collaboration opportunities, whilst promoting the expertise of the Africa’s service sector to investors across the globe.

We hope the introductory service will help overseas businesses of all sizes find the most appropriate local support to encourage them to invest throughout Africa.

Connecting International buyers of African goods and services with local suppliers

We connect overseas businesses with the right African partners and suppliers through our business directory, meet-the-buyer events, networking receptions, and product launches.

We also alert African businesses about partnership and investment opportunities through our opportunities portal.