Why Invest In Africa?

Trade in and with Africa has grown handsomely in the last decade, outperforming global previous predictions.  It has become home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, offering unique opportunities for trade and investment.

Africa offers a growing, investor-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.

The AFCFTA is set to create a single continental market for goods and services to boost intra-Africa trade, economic growth and development.

AFCFTA is the largest new free-trade zone per number of countries in world. The AFCFTA will contribute towards Africa’s industrialization providing new jobs and a boost in income for regional communities and it’s constituents, which will in turn lead to a positive increase of both household consumption and business spending, generating unique opportunities for trade and investment.

To build credibility, trust and support on the ground, entities must engage and build rapport with regional communities.  A Clear Path Into Africa, can assist and help build relationships at the root within regional communities and also at the highest levels, building not only Trade and Investment hubs, but going much further with social initiatives that contribute towards skill development and the elimination of poverty. 

The improvement of basic foundational services will help underpin the foundations needed to stimulate economic growth and improve the social quality of life of constituents growing up in new and developing communities. Learning from the most advanced economies that have also gone through periods of intensive infrastructure building, we will collectively improve the efficiency, resourcefullness, security and competitiveness of regions throughout the continent.

The current wave of digital advancement is likely to have a profound impact on society throughout the globe. Digital advances can support and accelerate infrastructure development throughout many industrial sectors (e.g. agri-tech), and contribute towards helping communities suffering from poor employment prospects and extreme socio and economic poverty. Also, with the globe enduring a tough and arduous pandemic, digital and technological advancements can also play a vital role in improving health services that help detect & reduce disease and mortality.

Exponential opportunities exist for businesses in Africa.  Opportunities exist for businesses in the household consumption sector with growth expected in areas such as food and beverages, housing, hospitality and recreation, health care, financial services, education and transport, and consumer goods that essentially support day to day life.

Business to business spending related to infrastructure development throughout Africa is steadily growing with opportunities existing in construction, utilities, logistics & transportation, agriculture & agri-processing, wholesale and retail.

Historically Africa is home to the largest percentage of the world’s population.  This population is expected to grow even further, with the population predicted to reach 2.53 billion people by 2050.  Investors can access multiple markets, diverse regional cultures, diverse suppliers and partners, and benefit from a range of clear pathways to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow.

Access rewarding opportunities in emerging new markets with long-term investments providing some of the highest returns for local and global partners. Opportunities to participate in the social and economic development of regional sectors also stimulates proactive knowledge transfer, improved local infrastructure, job creation, including for women and youth, and improved general welfare.